Monday, August 6, 2012


On July 1st we had to say good-bye to my brother and his family. They would be moving to Texas where my brother was to start his new job as an accountant. They would be moving on the third but we were leaving for family camp the morning of the  second so we had to say our good byes early. It didn't seem like anything different from all the other times we've said bye from our Sunday family dinners when we'd be seeing them the next week. I think it was because we were the ones leaving their house instead of them driving off with their truckload of belongings. It didn't really hit me till we went over to their empty house the day after we got back from camp. It was so sad seeing my kids run around asking "where is Callie?" "where is Callie's bed?" At one point Owen and I were just hugging each other in tears, missing our sweet Callie. I think he and Callie had a special bond. They loved playing together and were always looking for each other. Owen also adores Madison. Ever since he first met her he loved her. Every time we saw a baby or a picture of a baby he would point and say "baby Madison." He even told me he wanted one. He assured me he didn't want me to have one, HE wanted to have one ("one"meaning a baby). Sadie loves them both too but I think she might have been a little jealous because they stole the attention of her brother so she didn't show too much interest. She did play with Callie every once in a while but not as much as Owen. One thing I'm really happy we did was getting pictures taken with Callie. We went to jcp and got some individuals of all the kids and then a pic of the three of them together. It is now hanging in our living room and I love looking at it and seeing my kids look at it and remember Callie. It's just too bad Madison wasn't born yet when we got them. Anyway I need to end this post because once again I'm in tears missing them too much and need to think about something else. Here are some pictures.

Owen and Madison

These two poor little girls were both not feeling very well and wanted nothing to do with picture taking

"tickle tickle tickle" These two are such goofballs!


After being bribed with smarties, we get smiles.

Madison was not very happy and her and her mommy were about to leave, so we didn't get a very good pic with her.

This one's a little better. Caught her between screams.


  1. We miss you all too! I've decided you should move to Texas. I'm so sad that our kids don't get to grow up together anymore.

    After I left you all that night to go to my Grandparents, I just bawled the whole drive there. I hated saying goodbye.

    1. I really do want to move to Texas! I decided today that I don't want our kids growing up in Utah. Especially in the area we're in, the teenage lds kids are not the best of kids and if that's how it is now I can't imagine 10+ years from now!