Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

My mom, Halie, Kaden, Owen, Sadie and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt at UVU on 4/16/11.
It was pretty much a complete waste of time. First off, I was in a rush to get out the door because online it said it would start promptly at 8 am, so we hurried there and then no one was there and someone told us it started at 9! My mom was coming from work, so she was exhausted from being up all night and I'm not a morning person, so that made us a little irritated that they would false advertise like that but somehow everyone got the memo but us. When it finally started, there were long lines and Owen doesn't understand lines, so he didn't know why we couldn't just to play instead of waiting our turn, so he wasn't having much fun. The hunt started at 10:45, I believe, and it was just utter chaos. The hunt is for kids, NOT the kids PARENTS! There is a reason they separated it into kids UNDER 5! I'm surprised no one was trampled and killed.

Coloring a bow-tie to stick on the Easter bunny
After probably 30 min in line, he finally got to run up and stick it on.

Owen's tie is the lower one. Kaden chose not to be blind folded so his is of course placed right in the correct place.
In the end, Halie ended up with 3 eggs and Owen and Kaden each had one egg which someone shared because they were lucky enough to get some. This is the first and last public Easter Egg Hunt we will be attending.
Owen went over to Grandma's after to have a real Easter egg hunt with Halie and Kaden while Sadie and I went grocery shopping. They had much fun and much more success.

Grandma's birthday

On Friday, April 15th, we went to Crystal Hot Springs for Rick's mom's birthday. I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like, since it had been raining and snowing for a week or two but everyone else seemed to think it would be warm. It looked like a nice day here in Provo, so we were set to go. We traveled two hours north and when we got out of the car, realized it was cold up there. We hurried into the nice hot water and then it was too cold to get out and get the camera to take pictures, plus I was holding one of the two kids most the time, so this explains why the pictures are of the car ride there and nothing else. I wish I would've taken pictures but oh well, next time.
This is Owen's famous "silly face"
It came to be because one night, I laid him down to change his diaper to go to bed and I look at his face and he was looking at me like this. I could not stop laughing and he just kept looking at me like that. To this day, it still keeps me laughing and he knows I like it, so he likes to show it to me more than other people. I see it more when it's just me and him up late at night. I love him more than he'll ever know!

He slept about half the way. Lately he's been taking occasional naps, which is weird because he hasn't taken naps for like a year now. Most the time he wakes up screaming and continues throughout the night, so we don't like him taking them.
My wonderful husband, looking through Willie's phone. He wasn't happy I was taking pictures of him.
And the beautiful Sadie!
..All dressed for warm weather, might I add. I didn't even bring a blanket for her. Luckly I packed her pajama's for afterward. It was still cold though. Willie was the only one prepared with a jacket which he graciously shared with me and the kids.

The next day, 4/16/11, was grandma's actual birthday and we hosted a barbeque for her at our house.
I'm trying to update a little, so here's a start.
Here are some pictures of Sadie crawling around and getting into mischief

And here's a video of Owen playing with Chico. I don't know why you would ever want someone to bite you but he loves it!