Sunday, September 19, 2010

busy busy busy

So... I started working full time again and Rick moved to the midnight shift at work (9:45-6:15) and takes the computer with him, so I don't know when I'll be able to blog anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon. Life is so busy now but I like it a lot more than sitting at home all the time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, we have been without internet recently, so this post is about 2 weeks behind. Sadie is a little over a month now but at her 2 week doctors apointment she surprised me greatly. She gained a whopping 2 lbs, which brought her to 8lbs 9oz. She is in the 54th percentile for weight in girls her age. She is also tall, which is weird because both Rick and I are not. She was just under 21 inches, which put her in the 63.8 percentile for her age. I compared both her length and weight to Owen's chart and at 2 WEEKS, she is the same size as Owen at 2 MONTHS! So far she is just about the exact opposite of Owen in pretty much everything. I don't have to worry about feeding her all the time and getting her weight up, which is great! And since she is a bigger baby with a bigger stomach, she sleeps longer than an hour at a time. She is also great in the carseat and is a deeper sleeper so when she falls asleep in the car, I can transfer her to her crib without her waking up. I consider myself very blessed for having such a great baby who doesn't need my constant attention all the time (even though I abolutely love to give her tons).
Here is my attempt to trying to get nice, cute pictures of her.

She started sucking on his finger and he thought it was funny

He's kind of rough but he means well. He loves her so much.

I knitted this jacket for her but she came out bigger than I expected so she's quickly outgrowing it. I needed some pictures of her in it while it fit.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sadie Marie Wirsch

Sadie Marie Wirsch was born on July 23rd, 2010 at 3:42 P.M. in the American Fork Hospital. She was 7lbs 6oz (a whole pound and 4 ounces bigger than her big brother was when he was born). She has dark hair, which we're all waiting to see if it stays that way, and beautiful blue eyes.
The story of her birth is quite entertaining. First off, I was being induced and I was told the hospital would call me at 8pm the night before, telling me what time to come in to get started. We waited and waited all night and never got a call. The next morning we decided to give them a call and see what was going on. The lady on the phone thought it was interesting that we didn't get a call and asked us to come in as soon as we could. We found out from the doctor, after delivery, that somehow they had heard that I had already delivered and that's why we were never called; crazy!
Anyway, we went in about 9:30 and they came in to give me the IV and the nurse couldn't get the needle in my vein because it kept moving around. I hate needles and all the fishing around she was doing really hurt, so this was not a good start for me. They started the pitosin at 10 and they came in to give me the epidural around 12, I think. This is another story. Anyone who has had an epidural knows how bad they hurt and how uncomfortable they are when being injected. The doctor couldn't get it in the right place and had to give me shots in 4 or 5 different places. It was so painful! The whole thing ended up taking more than a half hour and it was all because we didn't realize I was sitting at an angle and that made it so my spine wasn't straight. I was so scared the whole time that I was going to end up paralyzed or that I was going to have to give birth unmedicated. After the epidural, I was finally able to fall asleep (I was so exhausted from not being able to sleep the previous night). I woke up between 3 and 3:30 because she was coming and to my surprise, I could feel her coming!!! The epidural had worn off! I pushed the button to inject more meds and hoped that it would kick in before I needed to start pushing. I called in the nurse and she started getting everything ready for Sadie's arrival. Meanwhile, I'm desperately wanting to start pushing but I had to wait for the doctor to come. It felt like forever that I had to wait. I was ready to just have Rick deliver her; he's qualified. Plus, how hard could it be to put on some gloves and catch a baby? The doctor finally got there, after who knows how long and all it took was pretty much one big push and she was entering the world for the first time. As for the pain, I'd say the epidural did half it's job; it hurt but wasn't excruciating. I have been so blessed to have easy and quick labors.
The last weird thing that happened was when they took her down to the nursery. The nurses down there said, how can you have a baby who's not born yet? Ok, so first they think I'd already had her and now they're saying she's not born? Somethings up with this hospital. I guess halfway through her bath, it got in the computer that she was born and they said, oh look, she's born now. I don't know what to think. I always have the most excellent delivery nurses but the rest are not so great.
After all of that, the only thing that matters is that we're both home and healthy. Sadie is now 2 weeks old and more beautiful than I could've ever imagined in a daughter. I cannot wait to watch her grow up. Hopefully she has less attitude than I did but even if she does, I'll still love her with all my heart. I love my wonderful, beautiful kids more than words can describe!!!
Here are some pictures from the hospital and the first day at home.

Owen's first reaction to seeing his new little sister.

Family picture just minutes after delivery.

I love my kids!

My mom with Sadie and my brother's daughter Callie, who is 13 days older than Sadie. They're gonna be great friends!

Aunts Halie and Shaina

cuddling with daddy

He's gonna be such a good big brother!

He's always so excited to see her and constantly looking around and making sure she's still here.

Hard to tell but he's giving her a hug. So precious!

I love this dress on her. It's adorable!

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with sleeping pictures and I realized I don't have any with her eyes open, so I'll get some and post them soon.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Owen's first birthday!

So, this is long past due but better late than never, right? We went to the zoo on July 17th for Owen's birthday (his birthday's really the 18th but that fell on a sunday this year). He seemed to enjoy it alot. Here are some pictures from the day.

Family pic
Watching the penguins

Riding on daddy's shoulders (you can't tell in the pic but he absolutely hates riding on anyone's shoulders.)

Seeing how they measure up to gorillas.
Uncles Kaden and Kyal and aunt Halie

Opening presents

Playing in the pool we got him. He loves the water.

In front of the fan that misted you at the zoo. I thought the faces he pulled were pretty funny.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exciting day!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us. First off, Rick got up with Owen at 7 and let me sleep in till about 9:30. I can't remember the last time I slept in that late; it was great! We just relaxed all morning and then went to my doctor appointment at 1:50, where we heard GREAT news!! I'm dilated to 2cm! So exciting to hear! That means she could be coming so soon! They also decided to do an ultrasound, since Owen measured so small, they wanted to see how Sadie is doing at this stage of the pregnancy. Everything looked great and she's estimated at 6lbs 6oz, which is 4oz bigger than Owen was when he was born, and Sadie still has 2 weeks to keep growing! She's gonna be huge compared to what Owen was. We came home to find that our American Express/ Costco cards had come in the mail, which was exciting. Now hopefully we'll be able to earn more money back each year. The only non-exciting thing of the day was shopping. I have been very unsuccessfull in finding a shortsleeved, button down pajama set, which I want for when I go to the hospital. I finally ended up finding one at and am having to pay extra to have it shipped, so it better fit when it gets here. Last, but not least, it was my brother Kyal's 22nd birthday, so we got to eat yummy mud pie that Halie and my mom made. It was so good! Perfect way to end a great day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

1:30 AM

Don't you just love waking up to your child screaming at 1:30 in the morning and seeing a light on outside your room and just knowing that whoever is out there woke them up because you know they never wake up just randomly at night anymore by themselves?!?! This is one of my frustrations with living in a basement. It's especially bad for me right now because sleep is hard enough for me; I don't need to be woken up too. I can't go back to sleep after getting up with Owen and it just ruins my night and makes me cranky and pretty much useless the next day. I cannot wait to have my own house. I will never take it for granted and will be ever so grateful when that day finally comes. Hopefully it's sooner than later because I don't know how much more my sanity can handle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 8th

So, one of our friends from our ward told us about this really cool "splash park" up by our city library so on Rick's day off, we took Owen and Kaden there to check it out. It was pretty busy but what do you expect on a hot day when it's FREE!?!

They both really loved it but Owen got really cold so we had to take him out and warm him up. Kaden didn't want to play by himself, so we ended up leaving after a little while. I'm sure we'll be going back quite a few more times this summer and years to come. Next time we'll bring Halie and some of her friends along for Kaden to play with.
Later that night, we left Owen with my mom and Rick and I went out to eat at Sizzler. I love that place! It was a very much needed date. We don't get enough. I can't stand being at home nearly 24/7; I go crazy. It's getting really hard for me, in this stage of pregnancy, to take care of our nearly 11 month old. I know people say their kids are active, but Owen really is! He's the most active kid I've ever seen! I cannot belive it when I see people come to church with their babies and they sit in their carseat the entire time, not even making a fuss. There's a baby older than Owen in our ward who still does that! Owen has NEVER done that, not even as a newborn. All I can hope is that after having to deal with Owen, Sadie will be one of those angel babies who sit quietly in their carseats. I will even be pleased if she will just sit quietly at all. Owen has always wanted to know what's going on and jump from place to place. I'm really getting eager to see how we all adjust to having a new baby and seeing how she's going to be with us. I'm scheduled to be induced on July 23rd, so not too far away! Excitement is everywhere!

June 5th

To start off the day, Rick, Owen, Kaden and I walked to Halie's softball game. We had 20 minutes to get there... it took us 45. Guess next time we need to plan on lots of time. By the time we got there, we were very hot and wishing we'd gone in the car with everyone else. The game was good and Halie had some really good plays. Owen and Kaden enjoyed playing with all the little sticks they found on the ground.

After the game, Rick, Owen and I went to Toys-R-Us and bought Owen a swing, which we took to grandma Wirsch's and put on her swing set. He loves it! It only kept him entertained till...

Grandma brought out this cool shower, watering thing that he just had to hold, by himself, never letting go. He watered the yard and garden with grandma. He didn't let go of the thing for I'd say at least an hour. He's got some big muscles to handle that.

He soon found that not only did it water things, it was a toy! He loved splashing in it and trying to drink out of it. He definitly loves water. We need to get him a pool to play in this summer.

We were all very tired after this eventful day in the sun and were glad when we finally got home and could relax and go to bed. I was the only one who ended up with a really bad sunburn. I can't believe Owen didn't burn. We were out in the sun all day and only put sunscreen on him once!

Monday, May 31, 2010


I am stressed out, exhausted, don't feel like doing anything and need a break from being a mom.
The End.

Friday, May 28, 2010

First Steps

Owen took his first steps today! We were over at grandma Wirsch's house and auntie Cristina tried and tried and finally got him to take some steps. It was so darling. I just wish I had my camera with me. I hope this means he will start walking soon. I'm tired of bending over to pick him up with this huge belly. He also officially has 4 teeth and has been kind of cranky lately because of it. I'll have to get pictures of his teeth and video of some walking and post them later.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten Months

So yesterday was Owen's 10 month birthday. Still not walking, as we, or at least I, had hoped but he's getting so close and also is really close to saying more words. He's pretty close with grandma and Halie and Dog. You can really tell that he is trying so hard. He also is getting a lot smarter. Sometimes the things he does really amazes me. He will walk across the room and hand me something if I ask him a couple times and he knows when he does something he's not supposed to and gets "in trouble" for it and many more things. He's also a little speed demon. He can make it from the living room to the stairs and halfway up in like 20 seconds. We are constantly chasing him around. It's exhausting at times but he's so cute and we love watching him improve and grow.

Sadie is also continuing to grow healthily and keeps telling me she wants out, sometimes not so comfortably, but she's still got roughly 10 weeks to go. I cannot wait to get her out of me! This pregnancy has not been a walk in the park for me. I've experienced a lot of pains this time around and just not feeling well or active. I'm also to the point where I cannot sleep at all. It's awful just lying in bed extremely tired but not able to fall asleep. I know once she comes I'll be up all night feeding her but at least sleeping will be possible once again. I also can't wait to have my body back. I've pretty much been pregnant for the past two years. I don't remember what it's like to not be pregnant. Hopefully Owen still knows me without the huge bump he climbs on everyday. I'm excited to see how he reacts when his new sister comes. Hopefully he doesn't try pulling out what hair she might have.

Rick has been out of school for a couple weeks now and it has been so nice having him all to ourselves and not have to worry about him getting his school work done. He's kind of taking a break this semester (first one since, well, ever!). He will be going to MATC and updating his EMT Intermediate certification and since he's going through there, it's only a two month course, starting June 7th. We're excited to have so much time to spend together, finally.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Idaho Falls/Rexburg

Last week we went up to Idaho for a couple nights. We visited the Falls in Idaho Falls while we were there. We also spent time in the hotel pool and went to the Idaho Museum but I couldn't get the videos to load of him in the pool and he's impossible to take pictures of at this age (all the movement). So here are some of the pictures from visiting the falls.

Here's a view of the beautiful Idaho Falls Temple from the Falls

It was really cold and windy while we were there.

Here's the only picture I've been able to get of his teeth.

He was trying to eat daddy's nose on the way back to the car. It was really cute and he was laughing hysterically.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The thing I cannot stand about being pregnant is the insomnia! The last 3-4 months of my pregnancies, I have the hardest time falling asleep. It doesn't help that I have to get up a million times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night either. That creates all those extra times of having to fall back asleep. I think one of the worst feeling is just being so tired and exhausted and not being able to sleep; it's unbearable. I've tried putting a pillow between my knees, which helps relieve my back and makes me more comfortable, but I toss and turn from side to side so much, it just becomes a hassle. Some nights I sleep on the couch, which helps too, but I like sleeping next to Rick. We have pretty much decided to just buy a new mattress. We have yet to find one soft enough (why in the world do people like firm mattresses? You might as well sleep on the floor!), but hopefully when we do, it won't cost too much and my wonderfull sleep will come back to me before our little Sadie arrives and I'm up all night with her.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip to the park

We went to the park earlier this week. It wasn't Owen's first time at a park but it was a first for the swings. He had lots of fun playing and socializing.
Owen enjoying the slide

He got a little scared

He loves watching other little kids. He could be entertained by them for hours.

Owen got to try out the swings for the first time. He wasn't sure about it at first but eventually warmed up to it. Here he is his second time in it. I just love how he kicks his legs when he goes back!