Sunday, May 2, 2010


The thing I cannot stand about being pregnant is the insomnia! The last 3-4 months of my pregnancies, I have the hardest time falling asleep. It doesn't help that I have to get up a million times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night either. That creates all those extra times of having to fall back asleep. I think one of the worst feeling is just being so tired and exhausted and not being able to sleep; it's unbearable. I've tried putting a pillow between my knees, which helps relieve my back and makes me more comfortable, but I toss and turn from side to side so much, it just becomes a hassle. Some nights I sleep on the couch, which helps too, but I like sleeping next to Rick. We have pretty much decided to just buy a new mattress. We have yet to find one soft enough (why in the world do people like firm mattresses? You might as well sleep on the floor!), but hopefully when we do, it won't cost too much and my wonderfull sleep will come back to me before our little Sadie arrives and I'm up all night with her.


  1. The best sleep i've ever had was just getting a memory foam mattress topper. Cheaper than a new mattress but still fixes the problem very very well!

  2. Really? I don't know if I'd like one of those. I don't like the memory foam pillows at all. I feel like it's pushing against me instead of me sinking into it. Maybe the mattresses are different though.