Monday, June 14, 2010

1:30 AM

Don't you just love waking up to your child screaming at 1:30 in the morning and seeing a light on outside your room and just knowing that whoever is out there woke them up because you know they never wake up just randomly at night anymore by themselves?!?! This is one of my frustrations with living in a basement. It's especially bad for me right now because sleep is hard enough for me; I don't need to be woken up too. I can't go back to sleep after getting up with Owen and it just ruins my night and makes me cranky and pretty much useless the next day. I cannot wait to have my own house. I will never take it for granted and will be ever so grateful when that day finally comes. Hopefully it's sooner than later because I don't know how much more my sanity can handle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 8th

So, one of our friends from our ward told us about this really cool "splash park" up by our city library so on Rick's day off, we took Owen and Kaden there to check it out. It was pretty busy but what do you expect on a hot day when it's FREE!?!

They both really loved it but Owen got really cold so we had to take him out and warm him up. Kaden didn't want to play by himself, so we ended up leaving after a little while. I'm sure we'll be going back quite a few more times this summer and years to come. Next time we'll bring Halie and some of her friends along for Kaden to play with.
Later that night, we left Owen with my mom and Rick and I went out to eat at Sizzler. I love that place! It was a very much needed date. We don't get enough. I can't stand being at home nearly 24/7; I go crazy. It's getting really hard for me, in this stage of pregnancy, to take care of our nearly 11 month old. I know people say their kids are active, but Owen really is! He's the most active kid I've ever seen! I cannot belive it when I see people come to church with their babies and they sit in their carseat the entire time, not even making a fuss. There's a baby older than Owen in our ward who still does that! Owen has NEVER done that, not even as a newborn. All I can hope is that after having to deal with Owen, Sadie will be one of those angel babies who sit quietly in their carseats. I will even be pleased if she will just sit quietly at all. Owen has always wanted to know what's going on and jump from place to place. I'm really getting eager to see how we all adjust to having a new baby and seeing how she's going to be with us. I'm scheduled to be induced on July 23rd, so not too far away! Excitement is everywhere!

June 5th

To start off the day, Rick, Owen, Kaden and I walked to Halie's softball game. We had 20 minutes to get there... it took us 45. Guess next time we need to plan on lots of time. By the time we got there, we were very hot and wishing we'd gone in the car with everyone else. The game was good and Halie had some really good plays. Owen and Kaden enjoyed playing with all the little sticks they found on the ground.

After the game, Rick, Owen and I went to Toys-R-Us and bought Owen a swing, which we took to grandma Wirsch's and put on her swing set. He loves it! It only kept him entertained till...

Grandma brought out this cool shower, watering thing that he just had to hold, by himself, never letting go. He watered the yard and garden with grandma. He didn't let go of the thing for I'd say at least an hour. He's got some big muscles to handle that.

He soon found that not only did it water things, it was a toy! He loved splashing in it and trying to drink out of it. He definitly loves water. We need to get him a pool to play in this summer.

We were all very tired after this eventful day in the sun and were glad when we finally got home and could relax and go to bed. I was the only one who ended up with a really bad sunburn. I can't believe Owen didn't burn. We were out in the sun all day and only put sunscreen on him once!