Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Owen took swimming lessons in September/October and absolutely loved it! He did SO well! He was a lot smaller and younger than anyone else there and even swam a little better than many of them. His teacher (Shannon) loved that he was so small and so she would give him a little more attention than the other kids (I kinda felt bad for the other kids) and she would hold him quite a bit (although he didn't need it). He really liked Shannon as well. I'm glad his swimming lessons were a good experience for him. They are currently constructing a new rec. center in Provo, so they aren't having any swimming lessons right now but hopefully we'll get him (and Sadie) back in in the spring/summer.
Here are some pictures from his lessons. They made the parents sit up in the stands, so the pictures are pretty far away. I'll try to upload some videos as well.