Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock climbing

Rick's mom got a new van and Willie wanted to take us somewhere in it so we went up Provo canyon for dinner and fun. That morning, Rick and I went on a lunch date up the canyon too. His mom watched Owen and Sadie and Rick and I rode the tandem bike from her house up to Vivian park, had a picnic lunch and rode back. Round trip it was 25 miles. It was the longest bike ride I've ever been on. I had a lot of fun on our date.

Anyway, back to that night. We went up to Vivian and had a picnic dinner and then the kids played for a bit on the playground. Owen even climbed a tree! After we got everything cleaned up we got the strollers and walked down to Bridalveil falls. This year they made a little pond and filled it with fish that you can feed so we have been up there a couple times. This time Owen said that he wanted to get in the water so he and Rick went off and I stayed with Sadie to feed the fish. After a bit we looked over and Owen was climbing up the rocks toward the falls. He just kept going and going and going. I don't know when he would have stopped if we hadn't made him come down.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pioneer Day

On July 24th we took the kids (we also had my brother Kaden and sister Halie) to the pioneer day celebration at pioneer village in Provo. By the time we got there, there was only about an hour and a half left and the lines were super long, so we weren't able to do many of the activities. When we got there Owen was really grouchy so he stood in the long lines with Rick while the rest of us did a couple different activities and we caught up with them and I was able to lighten his mood after that. There was a petting zoo that they loved and pony rides too. While we were leaving we decided to wait in another line and let the kids sit up on a 91 year old fire engine. It was the first engine in Provo's history. They had a lot of fun playing on it and Kaden even smiled for a photo! :-)

Petting the calf

Kaden is petting a little bunny behind the cow

Sadie with the cow. It kept mooing at her and startling her.

Owen with the cow
Owen with the goat and lamb
Owen with the baby horse
Sadie with the bunny

Friday, August 10, 2012

While my mom and sister were on their cruise Halie and Kaden came down to stay with us. They were here for Owen and Sadie's actual birthdays so we did some things to celebrate with them.
On Owen's birthday I had to take my mom and Shaina to the airport in the morning and Rick had to work that afternoon so we hung out at my parents house till Rick left and then we headed back home. A couple days later we had a picnic at the school park for Owen's birthday. On Sadie's birthday we went to mcdonalds for lunch because the dentist gave the kids a free hamburger and ice cream cone coupon and they played on the play place for a while. After that we went to baskin robins for their free birthday scoops. Next we headed up the canyon to bridalveil falls to feed the fish and play in the water. They had a lot of fun up there. It started raining on us a little but thanks to my mom always having umbrellas in the car we stayed pretty dry. After that we went to red robin for dinner to get their free birthday meals. They had a lot of fun there too. Behind us and above our heads there was a train that went around and around and every time it came in sight the kids (mainly Sadie) got so excited and wanted everyone to look.
Here are some pictures from when Halie and Kaden were down.
Just a heads up. I posted this from my phone and I don't know why but some of the pictures ended up sideways. Sorry. They also aren't the best quality.

My attempt at getting Kaden in the pic. There are deer in the background.

We scared the deer away

Sadie and I at McDonalds

Free Ice Cream!!!

Looking at the train
I had to be sneaky to get these pictures with Kaden in them. ;)

I can't get over how cute my daughter is! She was doing the cutest things on the tramp!