Monday, August 6, 2012

Father's Day

The kids had a ton of fun making Fathers Day cards for Rick! Owen more so than Sadie but she had fun too. I love seeing how much they've grown and how they're attention spans are increasing. Sadie got a little bored with it and once she had drawn a little bit she was done and ready to get down but Owen just kept drawing. It made me realize how big my then almost 3 year old is.
This year for fathers day we got Rick a drill and toolbox and a singing bird clock. I've been looking everywhere for one and finally found one at the Hallmark store in A.F.
Here are the pictures of the kids making the cards.


  1. Those cards are so sweet. I bet Rick loved them! (Thanks for the advice. I especially liked your chocolate recommendation. I'll have to go buy some today.)

    1. He did love them!
      About the chocolate, after I had Sadie, I would buy mixed bags of kisses, reeses and rolos and sometimes eat the whole bag in one shift at work. It was so bad. looking back I can't believe I did that!