Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Camp 2012

On July 2-4 we went up Payson canyon to Camp Maple Dell for family camp with Rick's side of the family. Rick was in charge of the 12-14 year olds and my mother-in-law and I were over the 3 and 4 year olds so both Owen and Sadie could participate in age group activities, since neither of them were three yet. When we got there Monday morning we set up our tent and got everything unloaded from our car and then Rick took Owen down to the lake to see some cows. Sadie was extremely tired so I stayed back with her and tried to get her to nap. While laying down we heard a bunch of noise and looked up and a heard of cows were walking through our campsite! Sadie loved the cows. I was so busy trying to show her all the cows that I didn't get my camera out till they were starting to run away so that's what the pictures are of. I did catch pictures of the one straggler of the bunch. Each day kinda went the same: wake up, have breakfast, age group time, family time/lunch, age groups, family time/dinner, campfire and then bed. Sadie has been at the stage where she absolutely hates changing her clothes. She only likes a few of her things and throws the biggest fits when we change her (sometimes even if she chooses something she likes). So she pretty much wore pjs the entire time. Since I was one of the leaders I really didn't have time to fight with her about it so we would just shower and put clean pjs on at night and she would wear them the next day. She's such a stubborn girl. With all of her fits, her and I had to miss out on doing a lot of things but Rick and Owen were able to do a lot and have fun. While there, a couple of things we did were canoeing, archery, crafts, we made and raced a covered wagon, made a rope and many other games and activities.

Sadie with the straggler

This is one of the things Sadie and I missed out on. Owen raced against his uncle Willie's wagon and Owen got second place. His prize was a bull head necklace.

Sadie doing her own thing...

Our group was mostly boys

Playing with playdoh

Feeding ants cookies and gathering leaves/sticks, etc. for a nature collage.

Owen had a lot of fun making his picture.

This is the only proof we have of his picture. He was so proud of it. I don't know what happened but we didn't come home with it. :( Guess I need to help him make another one.

his mouth is full of gumballs

he was so good at archery! And he loved it!

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  1. Owen looks so cute in that hat! Love looking at all the pictures and reading your posts. Love the picture of owen with the gumballs in his mouth:-)