Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pioneer Day

On July 24th we took the kids (we also had my brother Kaden and sister Halie) to the pioneer day celebration at pioneer village in Provo. By the time we got there, there was only about an hour and a half left and the lines were super long, so we weren't able to do many of the activities. When we got there Owen was really grouchy so he stood in the long lines with Rick while the rest of us did a couple different activities and we caught up with them and I was able to lighten his mood after that. There was a petting zoo that they loved and pony rides too. While we were leaving we decided to wait in another line and let the kids sit up on a 91 year old fire engine. It was the first engine in Provo's history. They had a lot of fun playing on it and Kaden even smiled for a photo! :-)

Petting the calf

Kaden is petting a little bunny behind the cow

Sadie with the cow. It kept mooing at her and startling her.

Owen with the cow
Owen with the goat and lamb
Owen with the baby horse
Sadie with the bunny

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