Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, we have been without internet recently, so this post is about 2 weeks behind. Sadie is a little over a month now but at her 2 week doctors apointment she surprised me greatly. She gained a whopping 2 lbs, which brought her to 8lbs 9oz. She is in the 54th percentile for weight in girls her age. She is also tall, which is weird because both Rick and I are not. She was just under 21 inches, which put her in the 63.8 percentile for her age. I compared both her length and weight to Owen's chart and at 2 WEEKS, she is the same size as Owen at 2 MONTHS! So far she is just about the exact opposite of Owen in pretty much everything. I don't have to worry about feeding her all the time and getting her weight up, which is great! And since she is a bigger baby with a bigger stomach, she sleeps longer than an hour at a time. She is also great in the carseat and is a deeper sleeper so when she falls asleep in the car, I can transfer her to her crib without her waking up. I consider myself very blessed for having such a great baby who doesn't need my constant attention all the time (even though I abolutely love to give her tons).
Here is my attempt to trying to get nice, cute pictures of her.

She started sucking on his finger and he thought it was funny

He's kind of rough but he means well. He loves her so much.

I knitted this jacket for her but she came out bigger than I expected so she's quickly outgrowing it. I needed some pictures of her in it while it fit.


  1. Those pictures are adorable and that jacket is beautiful! I'm impressed!

  2. Thanks! Knitting is fun but it's so expensive. I wish I would've made a bigger size so she could actually wear it when it gets colder out.

  3. She is so stinkin' cute! I can't believe you have 2 kids, CRAZY! You seem to be handling things great. I think Heavenly Father knows the second has to be a good baby otherwise we might all end at 2:) All our kids have been big babies and I am sad they grow so fast but they are always good sleepers and eaters so I can't complain. I always say a chubby baby is a happy baby:)

  4. These pictures are adorable, you do such a great job! I've got the cutest grandkids in the world!