Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Owen and Sadie's birthday parties (July 30, 2011)

I spent a lot (and I mean a lot) of time putting this party together. The pinata took me about a week and the cakes took me a night and all morning before the party and then Owen's Magic School Bus cake started falling apart because the heat was melting the frosting which caused the top layer to start sliding off. I guess I'm not an expert cake maker.
I wanted to get pictures with the kids and their cakes before we ate them. Sadie's (above) was just cupcakes put together to form flowers. She doesn't really show preference to things, so I had a hard time deciding what to make for her cake. This was easy and made up for Owen's difficult cake.
To explain Owen's cake, he absolutely loves the Magic School Bus show! All summer, he would watch it right before he'd go to bed and he always wanted to check out the MSB movies at the library. I printed off a picture and tried my best to make a cake that looked similar to the bus. Even though it wasn't perfect and had way to much frosting to eat, he loved it!

Owen blowing out his candles.

Sadie blowing out her candle.

Owen got Toy Story (which he also loves) sheets and later, a twin bed to fit the sheets but he still prefers to sleep on the big siesta sac in his room.

Sadie with her shovel and bucket from grandma Wirsch

Owen and the cart Sadie got him.

Kaden, Sadie and Owen admiring the doll grandma Allphin got for Sadie.

All together, the kids got a Sandbox with shovels and buckets from Grandma Wirsch and Uncle Willie, stuffed animals from Uncle Isaac, an umbrella stroller from uncle Jason, aunt Katie and cousin Callie, and Reeses Pieces from uncle Kaden.
Owen got a Cars fold out bed/couch from grandma and grandpa Allphin, a cart from Sadie, and sheets and a coloring game that hooks up to the t.v. from us.
Sadie got a doll from grandma/grandpa Allphin, a doll from Owen, and lego blocks and pajamas from us. There might be a couple things I left out but it was so long ago I can't think of anything else and I didn't get the best pictures.

Here's Owen taking a shot at the Magic School Bus Pinata I made.

Kaden taking his turn at it.

Left to right: Katie, Kaden, Callie, Owen, Sadie
I think it took Halie a couple whacks at it to finally break it open and everyone grabbed as much candy as they could.

And here's Sadie playing in the sandbox from grandma and Willie.
The party was a success and I think the kids had a lot of fun. Now to plan next years parties...

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