Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthdays and Swimming

The next few days after we got back to Grandpa's, were spent swimming and playing with cousins. We also celebrated Owen and Sadie's birthday's on Saturday, which was Sadie's birthday. Owen was so attached to me this whole trip, which explains him in the picture that I set him down for two seconds, in.

The water was cold, and so was the weather outside, so neither of the kids really wanted to get in. Owen refused but Sadie would get in every once in a while. She really enjoyed playing with the pool toys OUT of the water.

Playing on the slide with Grandma.

She loved this thing.
This trip was filled with good and bad experiences but I was very glad we were able to go. It's sad to think we may not have much longer with my Grandpa in this life and I will jump at every opportunity we have to see him!

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