Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok so it's been a really long time since I've posted anything but our lives have been busy to the extreme. We moved into our new house on Christmas Eve and have been enjoying every minute of it. I finally got a merited position at work, which means I can finally take some time off to be at home. With that, my days off also changed so I have sunday and monday off and get to go to church again, yay! Rick also found out that he might be offered a job in law enforcement pretty soon, which is so exciting. I don't know much about it though. Anyways, Christmas kinda sucked because my co-worker thinks that she's the only person who has a family and was very selfish and made me work both Christmas Eve and Day, so I got very minimal time to spend with my family.
On another note, we goy our carpet in and our washer and dryer, so it's been a very good week this past week. I also found out last night, that my brother Kyal is going on a mission. Aparently everyone has known for a while but no one decided to let me in on that bit of information. He was ordained an Elder last night and will be starting his papers any day now.
My brother Jason and sister in law Katie and their daughter Callie moved to Texas this past week because Jason will be doing his internship down there til march or april. It's going to be wierd without them at sunday dinner at my parents.
Sadie is 5 months old now and just all smiles all the time and cute as ever. Owen is almost 18 months which means he can almost go to nursery! That will be so nice to just take him and let him play. There are so many toddlers and babies in our new ward; our kids will have many friends. I can't believe how fast he's growing up. He has a mouth full of teeth and he's so smart. He's not my little baby anymore and I just see Sadie growing up so fast right behind him. I'm almost shopping in the toddler section for her, which is so sad. I'm very excited for them to grow up though. I love my little family so much!

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  1. I miss our Sunday dinners together! I love your family picture under the "about me" section.